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Eminem post :)

First off Em makes history again!! Has 60 million like on Facebook

In the next few hours Eminem will make history as the first person in the world to achieve 60m Facebook fans (or "likes"), according to, the social media popularity tracker. </p>

At the time of press the world's most famous rapper stands at 59,996,194 likes Facebook fans, with the star having recruited 194,677 new fans over the last week and 20,106 in the last 24 hours.

The achievement sees "Slim Shady" cement his position as one of the greatest social media stars of all time. He also ranks 4th among YouTube music stars with almost 2bn views on his main channel. Yet the rapper is some way behind on Twitter with less than half the followers of "Queen of Twitter" Lady Gaga. Overall, places Eminem 4th in its ranking of all time social media popularity.

Despite this Facebook landmark, Eminem cannot take his leadership for granted. The star first swept past Gaga and Michael Jackson in February 2011. Michael Jackson had previously been the most popular star on Facebook ever since his death in 2009.

Yet despite retaining the title for more than a year, Eminem will have spotted Bajan superstar Rihanna closing in. A gap between them that once stood at more than 5m fans has narrowed to just over 700,000. On present trends, starcount predicts we could be celebrating a new coronation on Facebook before the end of this year.

also a new interview with dj whoo kid. Em has some serious ADHD during it but sounds really happy. Don't get why Paul had to be there though. He talks about touring Japan in august and his progress on his new album. Interview under the cut.

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